Workplace as a Service powered by Workplace Enterprise

Workplace | Enterprise is the future platform for workplace provisioning. It works like a personalized marketplace for IT procurement. The combined service offering provides a fully scalable solution and a forward-thinking customer experience in IT procurement, sales and lifecycle management. IT management of workplaces and provision of “Workplace as a Service” is the core function of Workplace|Enterprise, which can be extended by additional services in such a way that operations are decisively simplified.

What makes us unique?

Workplace Enterprise is the only solution on the market where all supply chain stakeholders work on the same platform.

Service Provider

Customer administrators (IT, HR, finance, etc.)

End user

We solve a crucial problem with our platform:

Around the world, business departments of large enterprises (500 - 10000 employees) are trying to consolidate and centralize IT management, but face various challenges, such as a shortage of new employees and talent. Due to this shortage of talent, IT outsourcing is in high demand in the workplace segment. Our platform brings IT departments and outsourcing service providers together and helps them standardize contracts and products, with a focus on self-service and service automation.