Subscription Management

The Workplace Enterprise platform allows you to easily capture and manage subscriptions from your customers. You always maintain an overview and can target your customers for potential needs. Maximum flexibility, transparency and efficient use of your resources are also the focus here.

Coordinate needs together

Transparency in management

For each subscription, you can specify whether it should be visible to the end user or not. This transparency for the end user can be customized, depending on how these have been agreed in the respective contract and service conditions at your end customer. Your IT contact on the end customer side has an overview of the subscriptions running for him and you can coordinate future needs together.

Compensation for IT partners

Sophisticated provisioning

Subcriptions are integrated into the provision system, which includes provisioning for external partners. This means that a required subscription can also be assigned to or withdrawn from an external partner quickly and easily. We have also integrated a role-based authorization model. Here you can assign 4 different roles, each with different permissions.